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    android slingplayer VPN problems


      I have a Slingbox HD Pro that works absolutely fine when my Android is not connected to my personal VPN network.  However, since I like to be behind a VPN, I'm curious as to why it refuses to work when I have the VPN turned on.  Let me give you some background.


      I have an Ipad with sling player behind the exact same vpn, and the ipad app has no problem connecting to the sling player (other than the video being on the slow side).


      My father also has a Slingbox, and I CAN connect to it from behind my VPN from my Android phone.


      So, if my Ipad can connect behind the VPN to my Slingbox, and my Android can connect to an outside sling box from behind a VPN, then why can't my Android connect to MY sling box from behind the VPN (just like the ipad)?