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      why isnt Sling Media/Player available in Singapore yet?


      im sure lots of people already ahve and more will want to purchase the Sling box if it can be used here


      are there any Singapore users out there?


      contact me if you are using a Slingbox in Singapore


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          According to Slingmedia, Slingbox and SPM would be in Singapore retail market by the year's end (i.e. end 2011). I am anxiously waiting for it too. I've upgraded my broadband to 50Mbps fibre-optics to facilitate the signal transmission. Next, I'm setting up my home router. These are all to prepare for the launch of Slingbox in Singapore.


          Trust me. I'm so obsessed about the prospect of having one that I literally even dreamt about it in my sleep.


          At this point, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they [Slingmedia] fulfill their promise in bringing Slingbox to Singapore market soon. Oh btw, I'm aiming for the Slingbox HD Pro.