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    prevent changing channels on main tv


      first thanks to all who provide such great info.  i used it to help setup the slingbox but have what seems to be a popular challenge - preventing the main tv from changing channels when running slingbox.  background:


      main house has:

      - slingbox pro-hd

      - comcast DVR (motorola) box

      - hooked up via coax cable (per directions in slingbox)

      - internet is running through slinglink turbo


      so looking to prevent interfering with house changing channels as i mainly bought this for my parents house to eliminate having a cable bill for their house up north (whole slingcatcher is a different challenge). 


      i checked out this article: http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-2000136.html  but not really following.  thinking i need to have it run through s-video


      any help you guys can provide will be much appreciated.