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    RF interference caused by Hon-Kwang AC adapter model HK-A112-A06


      All of a sudden my AM radio in the house and my car radio would buzz loudly with RF static when tuned to my favorite station. I like to watch the Broncos and listen to the local AM 850KOA station instead of the network bozos reporting on the game.  The problem started about mid season 2010.


      I used a portable AM radio to locate the cause of the RF interference and it turned out to be the Hon-Kwang AC adapter model HK-A112-A06 plugged into my old Slingbox Tuner.  The Slingbox worked fine but as soon as the adapter was plugged into the wall the radio would buzz, even when not connected to the Slingbox, although plugging it in made the static worse.   I have solved the prolem by replacing the adapter with another one and now I have no interference and the Slingbox works fine still.


      The funny thing is that this slingbox and adapter have been working for about 4 years just fine before the problem developed.  So I guess somehing has leaked or shirted in the adapter.