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    Slingbox for Coby Kyros


      My android tablet does not have google market preloaded.  Is there any other way I can get the Slingbox Android app for my tablet any other place other than Google Market

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          I second this request for slingplayer availability on Coby Kyros Android tablet.  would prefer to purchase from the marketplace and not have to jailbreak the device. Is this simply a lack of formal acceptance of the app for download or has it been confirmed that it doesn't work?

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            Let's make that 3 requests for this. I rooted to get the market so I could install the Slingplayer, and it's not there. My Slingbox is sitting in the corner feeling all abused.  Oops, mine is the Coby Kyros 7015. It would be nice to see Slingplayer in AppsLib or the Market.