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    Cannot access Slingbox Pro-HD after Firmware Upgrade

    davemars Newbie

      My Slingbox was working fine for the past 18 months until I updated the SB firmware update last week when back in the US.


      Even though the connection started, and showed optimizing, the communication failed afterward.


      The reason was:


      The operation failed because the message is too big.


      [Advanced users: the error code is 0x923400df.]    


      I upgraded the firmware on my slingbox when I was at home last week and it worked in my home. Now I cannot connect from Hong Kong. I have reset the SB and my routers. I can access the SB from my home just fine (my wife is doing that part)


      Now I get this error when I try to log in from Hong Kong. My wife is till in the states and gets the same error. Everything worked fine before this upgrade.

      Error: 0x923400df
      Context: 0


      My Windows Slingplayer is V


      Slingbox Info
      Slingbox Name: Marshall Slingbox
      Slingbox ID: 29916841A10D58429D8551402B3C3FBC
      Slingbox Software Version: 2.1.80


      Internet Viewing
      Set Up Complete: Yes
      Slingbox Public IP Address:
      Slingbox Private IP Address:
      Slingbox Port: 5001


      Slingbox Access Info
      Activation Date: 06-04-2009
      Date Last Accessed: 12-16-2010


      Whats interesting is that I can connect to my Slingbox in the US via my iPhone Slingbox app here in Hong Kong with no problems via 3G or via my home router here in HK. So I don't think there are issues with firewalls etc.

      Are there issues that Sling Media blocked access outside of the US?


      This seems to point to an incompatibility between the firmware update and the slingplayer on Windows. I run Version


      Slingbox team, please ensure proper operation of the Windows version with the newest firmware on the slingbox.


      Also, occassionally I can connect with the Firefox web plugin, but not very often.


      I really believe that Sling has some problems with this latest FW update and your service


      I wish I had never made the update.

      Looking for a solution from the Sling Media team.

        • Re: Cannot access Slingbox Pro-HD after Firmware Upgrade
          davemars Newbie

          Updated Slingplayer on Windows to


          It worked for a brief time. But I closed the app and restarted it and now I can't access the slingbox via this player.


          the iPhone4 app works fine though, so I know I don't have a home network issue at my slingbox location or my apartment here in Hong Kong. Its something with the player. I have tried several other computers at various locations thru-out the city and always get the same issue with the Windows player. One had no firewall support at all, so that is not the issue.


          An error occurred, tell me more...


              Error: 0x923400df
              Context: 0


          Here is the SB info

          A/V Input:    Coax - Basic Cable


              Name    Settings
              ID    29916841-A10D-58429D85-5140-2B3...
              MAC    00:13:B6:48:1D:40
              Name    Marshall Slingbox
              Product signature    8
              Hardware version    1.0.0
              IR Blaster version    5
              Firmware version    2.1.80
              Firmware release date    11/16/2010
              IP Type    Static
              IP Address
              IP Subnet Mask
              Gateway IP

              Port    5001
              Last Conflicted IP    [empty]
              UPNP IGD Router IP
              UPNP IGD Router Port    2869
              UPNP URI    /upnp/control/WANIPConn1
              WAN Access?    Yes
              Remote Configuration?    Yes
              Sling Server IP
              Sling Server Port    5678
              Register?    Yes
              Registration Period    300
              Ping?    No

          • Re: Cannot access Slingbox Pro-HD after Firmware Upgrade

            same exact issue here...I can watch my slingbox HD throuh my phone (android), but connection fails on my pc while optimizing....I haven't done any SB upgrades, so not sure what happened.....


            I don't have time to call Sling...it would be nice if they post a quick Tips and Tricks...OR a new quick software updates....


            anyway....VERY ANNOYING...I had slingbox for 4 years and I can't get a reliable services...every couple of months there is always something.....and usually when I am abroad and I want to use it!