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    Use DISH app for Android and Slingbox through single network connection?


      I didn't know the best place to put this but since I've got an Android device thought this would be as good a place as any.  I have searched and searched but can't find a clear answer.  I have a single network cable ran to my Dish 612 and I access the Dish app this way on my phone.  If I add a Slingbox, I will have to move my network connection up to the Slingbox.  Do I lose connection for my app?  I know I can upgrade to the 722 and use a Sling adapter but I'm not interested in spending $275 for a box and then another $100 for an adapter when I might be able to get away with $100-$150.  Thoughts?  I'm not interested in running another cable in the crawl space to the router.  Not sure of the reliability of the Slinglink and don't wanna have to buy.