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    No Network Light


      I have a slingbox pro-hd that I have not used for about 6 months, but wanted to set up again to use the ipad app.  However, when I reconnected it to my network (I now have a Linksys E3000 router), I get no network light on the slinbox (the power and logo both light) although the light for the cable on the router itself is on.  I tried the various suggestions that I read here (ie, change cable to router, reset slingbox (when I hold the reset button the network light eventually blinks twice, but never blinks again), buy new power adaptor), but nothing has helped.  Can you please provide another suggestion?  Thanks

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          Hi, ACC468183


          This link will allow you to apply some troubleshooting steps in order to fix this issue.


          The Network light on your Slingbox is off

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            nethawk7 Newbie

            I had the exact same problem, as do so many people dealing with this issue – which generally can be attributed to an inherently defective power supply unit. On eBay, go to a store called “TopPowerAC” and purchase the power supply unit that they sell for your model slingbox (I have a pro-HD). It will cost you around $10. I plugged it in and my issues were resolved immediately!


            (I am posting my reply in multiple discussions because of the prevalence of this problem.)

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                nethawk7 Newbie

                The TopPowerAC replacement gave up after one week and I returned it – seller was very responsive. However, there is life after death! Purchased "SLINGBOX PRO-HD SB300-100 5V AC/DC Adapter Wall Charger Power Supply Replacement" from eBay seller/store "CEGREATDEALS" -- $9.54. Working perfectly after a month of use. Highly recommended.

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                I must admit i was doubtful that a powerpack that incidentally was showing dc output when tested could be the cause of my slinbox network connection not working, but sure enough when i bought a replacement from acadaptorsrus (£13.95 no quibble sale or return) and plugged it back in, lo and behold, full functionality restored.

                Chris jones Preston Lancs

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                    chakkarinen Apprentice

                    I believe the problem is that some (many?) of the original power supplies delivered with SBs have difficulty providing sufficient amperage to run all of the electronics reliably.   They may be quite able to deliver a stable 5 volts, but not the 4 amps.   And without even amps being delivered, the electronics may not work correctly, or the voltage could drop slightly due to the high amperage load -- either way, the SB may not function correctly.

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                        I'm finding this Slingbox to be such a frustrating piece of equipment.


                        I cannot connect long enough to complete any task - viewing, setup, etc. Sometimes I get a W200 error, sometimes I connect, but lose the connection mid-function (this morning got internet viewing setup 80% complete! and then got a connection error). This erratic behavior seems to indicate a hardware defect or failure in some way. I've been reading these forums, trying to troubleshoot.


                        Not an hour ago, I was on a chat with a customer service rep who told me:

                        "Maria C:

                        If the unit is on, there are no power issues. Then this is not a "faulty power supply issue".


                        Well that certainly doesn't seem to agree with everything I read here! Support and/or customer service seem to be very lacking. Because my Slingbox was orginally setup one year ago (but literally only 'used' or accessed about 5 or fewer times & then set aside until recently to be set up and used regulary) they want me to either pay for service or extend my warranty. Either will require an outlay of more funds - which I am having a problem with, based on the fact that I have YET to see this hardware/service work reliably. And if it is a power supply issue, I need to pay for that too?!


                        I want to LOVE slingbox, but I'm finding it a very sour experience.

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                            chakkarinen Apprentice

                            I believe the customer services rep has told you wrong -- just because there is power to the SB does not mean that there is necessarily enough power (amperage) to the SB.   So, I would initially suspect a faulty power supply.  I have purchased my replacement power supply (5 volt, 4 amp) at bgmicro.com, and so far so good.   If your SB is still under warranty, then the slingbox folks will replace your power supply for free.


                            I would also check that you have sufficient free air space around your unit, as they can run quite "hot", which could lead to faulty operation at some point.   I put my unit on the bare floor behind my media cabinet (not on one of the shelves), and added extension rubber "feet" to the bottom of the unit to increase the gap beneath the unit to about one inch of vertical clearance.

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                                Thanks for the reply.

                                I know what she told me is incorrect. Just a further example of how frustrating and lacking I'm finding the support / customer service of this company.


                                I just checked my local Radio Shack hoping they might have an appropriate power suppply, but no luck. I guess I will order from online. Thank you for that link.


                                And yes, the unit has sufficient air circulation.


                                Unfortunately, my unit is not under warranty. (While yes, it was installed one year ago this week, it was NOT used - maybe 3 times (which I'm willing to bet the customer service can verify) - but unfortunately, since I am now prepared to actually use the unit regularly, I can't get support without paying additionally) The customer service rep last evening was suggesting I either extend my warranty or would need to use the 'pay per incident' service. But frankly, I don't know if paying more is worth it. As I pointed out, her responses were incorrect.


                                Has anyone else had experience using the extended warranty?


                                Thank you!

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                                  Again, thank you!


                                  The power source arrived from BG Micro today. I can't say that I'm surprised, but it worked instantly.

                                  I was just surprised at how quickly the Slingbox seemed to respond and become availalbe to watch via internet.

                                  Of course, I am watching via my own home network. The true test will be tomorrow when I attempt to access from work and/or another network.


                                  The sub $10 fix is quite a bit better than the extension of warrantly that Slingbox wanted me to purchase, which probably would have resulted simply in the same result of purchaing another power supply.


                                  Fingers crossed this continues to work!

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                            I also bought the $10 adapter from cegreatdeals on ebay that is referred to above.  Plugged it in, and the box started right up.  I'm relieved it was only a $10 fix, but I still think Sling dropped the ball on something if everyone is having the same problem after their original adapters worked just fine until now.