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    Recording Slingbox Solo


      Hello, I have a slingbox solo and have it hooked up to my xbox 360. It works fine and i can see the screen and all on the computer when streaming. But i want to know how to record my gameplays through my slngbox. There are a few programs to actually record the slingbox but they do not produce good quality videos. On a mac you can use screenflick but i have a pc and want to know what are some good software. I have used camtasia and a few others that were free but they were absoulutely terrilble quality. So give me some softwares that will record good quality videos. Thanks

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          Hi, ThatKiDNamedKiP


          The main issue is that the Slingbox does not have recording capabilities. It will allow you to control supported devices with recording capabilities, but does not have recording capabilities.


          This means that you will need to look for some other option if you want to know how to record your gameplays through the Slingbox.