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    This Fire Tv app is horrible.

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      I've had a Slingbox solo for years now. I've been using it with a HTPC running a slightly older Slingplayer. It's great. It has an online guide which is gorgeous and fast. It is fast, with no issues.


      Recently I got a FireStick and wanted to try getting rid of the HTPC and running just sticks. Ok... Had to upgrade the slingbox. No big deal. Now the new Slingplayer for windows isn't as good. Not a big deal.... So I tried the FireStick app.


      What a total disappointment. No on screen guide. Only the cable box guide... It's SO laggy. Audio studders after each command. On screen controls are clunky and not intuitive at all. You need to switch between control sets to do what you want.


      Am I the only one that is disappointed? It's not even worth the HD upgrade. I'm reinstalling my solo, if it's even possible now. Its a real shame but I'll just upgrade my HTPC.


      Does anyone know of a way to improve the experience? Slingbox are you going to rework this app??? You guys have something great here and it needs help.



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          Still messing with it. Still disappointed. It's slightly better after some fiddling. Still annoying that the back button takes you right out of Slingplayer. Navigating is still bad. Lost the ability to pause live tv for a period of time, then restart and fast forward. That's a bummer. I'm wishing the Amazon remote had more buttons. Or wish there was an on screen remote so it's more what we're all used to. Or even the polished on screen guide, separate from the cable box. Ugh... I want to like it and use it!!!