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    M2 and Xbox 360 not working with Windows Media Center remote


      I have a new Slingbox M2, and I'm feeding video into it from an Xbox 360 used as a Windows Media Center extender.


      When I go through setup, the video works fine.  When it comes to picking a remote, the only appropriate choice seems to be Windows Media Center (HP).  This shows the HP remote for WMC, and as it happens I have an actual HP remote.  The picture is identical, and yet, when I point my physical remote at the Xbox it works great but even with the IR blaster 1" from the Xbox IR window, the onscreen remote does nothing.  The setup wizard is in a loop, "pick a remote", "test remote", "no, it's not working", "use the IR blaster", "test remote", "no it's not working", ... .


      Is this a normal IR blaster? I have lots of those and I could try a different one.


      Is there a different remote I should pick?


      Is there any way to tune the behavior of the remote, slow down the IR pulse rate or something?


      How are other folks getting this to work?


      I'd hate to have to return my M2, but with no remote it's really not something I need.