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    SlingLink Turbo 4 port use in UK


      I have a slingbox Solo and use a pair of Slinglinks to make the connection to my WiFi router. This has worked perfectly.

      I have now added Sky Anytime Plus to my Sky TV package in the UK .

      This involves downloading television from a library of TV programmes and therefore also needs an internet connection from my Sky decoder to my WiFi router. It worked perfectly when the ethernet cable from the Sky decoder was plugged into the slinglink. However because I had disconnected the slinglink, my slingbox no longer connected. Therefore I am having to change the ethernet cable every time I wish to use either of these systems.

      I see that slingmedia sells a slinglink turbo 4 port in the USA . I presume this would enable me to have both my slingbox and my Sky Anytime Plus connected simultaneously. However this product is not supplied in Europe . If I bought the 4port version from the USA site would it work in the UK if I used a treansformer to change from 110 volts to 240volts? Also would the 4port USA version work with the existing slinglink single port connected to my router?

      Is anybody able to help?