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    Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 remote control does not work anymore

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      Hi guys,

      I have been using my Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 for about six years now without a problem.

      Recently though I can not change the channel anymore.


      The remote icon on my iPad app is greyed out and does not respond,

      and when I try to change the channel by the numeric icon nothing happens either.

      Also on my iMac with the slingplayer on the web, there is no remote control anymore.


      I can see the channel that is on at this time, but I can not change the channels anymore.

      Is there a way to fix this?


      I do get this message:

      Your current input is unconfigured to use remote control. Please use Safari or Firefox to setup or reconfigure your slingbox.


      What do I need to do? Does this mean I need to do a reset of the box?


      Regards, JJ