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    Constant buffering on Iphone 3gs using both wi-fi and 3G


      Hello All,


      I am new to slingbox and I hope someone can help me. I have followed all the instructions when setting up my slingbox and it is working fine using both my iphone and laptop on my home network via wi-fi but constantly buffers when using wi-fi and 3G in different locations when using my iphone. I was able to connect via wi-fi to my laptop and it worked fine but with the iphone I get constant buffering on both wi-fi and 3G on both high quality and standard quality setting. I am using a slingbox PRO-HD with software version 2.1.80. I am using a Belkin router model: F5D7633-4. The router wasnt in the automatic set up guide so i had to do it manually but followed the instructions for port forwarding. I am using port 5001. When checking on speedtest.net my upload speed is 0.74mb/s. Is this fast enough for viewing via wi-fi or 3G on my iphone? I am not sure what the problem can be but any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          I would also like to add that when I configure the router myself through the set up internet viewing on slingbox.com it tells me at the end that my slingbox is now set up for internet viewing but when I double check that via the set up internet viewing again it says it is almost complete and that I need to make additional changes to my network router for the best remote viewing experience using slingplayer for iphone. Im not sure if the router is at fault or the port used? As I said in my previous post any help would be greatly appreciated!

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              Hi, Jamie001


              If you have a Slingbox PRO HD, you will need to increase the connection speed. Your current connection speed (740kbps) is not good enough if you want to stream the HD signal.


              Due to this situation, we recommend you to check the following link in order for you to check the requirements for your Slingbox to work in a proper way.


              Tech Specs for the Slingbox PRO HD

              If your Slingbox has been properly set for Internet Viewing, you do not need to go again through the set up process. Instead, you must go to "Watch Live TV".