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    Port forwarding lowers the streaming speed from 2000 to 1200 kbps




      I have just connected my Slingbox Pro to a new Sagem Fast 3564 router with 50/5 Mbit Internet connection.


      When streaming the signal with slingplayer over the internet i can reach 2000 Kbps.


      After I have forwarded the port 5001 in the router to the Slingbox IP address the speed has been lowered to max 1200 Kbps.


      I have tried changing the port on the slingbox to 443 & 80 and get the same result as with 5001.


      Every time i remove the portforwarding on any port the speed goes back up to 2000 Kbps


      I have tried opening the port manually, and also letting the Slingbox do it Automatically.


      How can the portforwarding take so much of the speed ?


      I only need the portforwarding to make my slingcatcher work.


      Have any one had a similar problem, and a solution to the problem ?