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    Time Warner Remote


      Does anyone know how to set up a DVR remote for the new Time Warner cable box (Samsung SMT-H3262)?  I can't find a Time Warner DVR remote that will work for me.

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          AlRichey Novice

          Check out this thread:  https://community.sling.com/thread/3300?tstart=0

          Come back if it doesn't help.
          • Slingbox and Samsung SMT-H3262 Time Warner Cable Box/Remote

            I just had to figure this one out myself. I don't have a DVR, but I've got a TWC Samsung receiver, model number SMT-H3262. Instead of trying to type in "Samsung" and find something from the drop-down box (which, as you will note, yields no results even close to "SMT-H3262"), look through the list of pre-defined remote configurations for Samsung and select "SMT-H3050." Every button on that works for me in place of SMT-H3262 (which currently doesn't show up on the list, of course)! If it doesn't work for you, move your IR sensors over to above/below the little round dot next to the power button on the front left-hand side of the Samsung unit. That's where I have mine placed. To note, I have all four stuck right beside each other; two on top, and two on bottom that are parallel with the top ones.


            Hope this helps!