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    Connect 2 SD video sources -Slingbox Pro-HD


      I am trying to get my head around connecting 2 SD video sources. I have used the audio and s-video for one source but what do I connect the 2nd source to?

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          Hi, sidison


          This link will allow you to get the information about the connections on the back of the Slingbox PRO HD.




          Take into consideration that you can connect one device using the S-Video, Component and Composite inputs but there are only two sets for the audio inputs.

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              I am in a similar position to the OP so was happy to see this reply, but unfortunately, the 'Connections' link no longer works - anyone point me in the direction of where it probably went?


              Alternatively, if anyone can give me some guidance - in particular: -


              1. none of the devices I have/want to buy, have component connections - does this mean I can't connect a HD source to my Pro-HD?


              2. Even though it's not specifically mentioned anywhere, I assume that I can connect two SD sources to the Pro-HD, so, as they both have composite connections, is it just a case of connecting to the two sets of white+red+yellow sockets on the top row (i.e. 'IN')


              I'm tempted to say that the help information that is there seems quite poor for my circumstances (which can't be that un-common?) but I'm wondering if it's because I don't understand all this as well as I thought I did!!

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                  test350 Novice

                  See http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-1000211.html


                  If you want to sling HD, you may have (at least) these options:

                  1. Use an HDMI to component converter.  HD Fury is the gold standard, but quite expensive.  http://www.hdfury.com/products/hdfuryiii-specs/ Some of the (much cheaper) alternatives have quality or compatibility issues with some sources -- research before you buy.

                  2. Use an HDCP stripper feeding a Slingbox 500.

                  3. Find a receiver compatible with your service with component outputs.

                  4. Find a different service that offers your desired content and also offers a box with component outputs.

                  5. For some services, there are receivers/tuners that capture the video to your computer, from which you could stream.  A Slingbox may not be needed.


                  No Slingbox presently supports two HD sources, though you could buy a remote controlled switch to allow multiple sources.


                  If you have two SD sources, a composite-to-component or (if applicable) an S-video or SCART to component converter is needed.


                  The yellow jacks on the HD side of the PRO-HD should be orange and are for digital audio.  The PRO-HD has only one composite input.

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                Thanks very much test350, that's covered everything I needed.


                I should probably have done a little more research before opting for the pro-HD - the 'HD Fury' option will probably be the most appropriate way to give me what I want.  However, I will probably look at composite to component converters also as I think that would also be an acceptable solution for me.


                I'm still left thinking that the pro-HD is not as flexible (interoperable) as I think it should be, but what do I know as I definitely don't understand all this as well as I thought I did!

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                    test350 Novice

                    I had a couple of other thoughts that may work for a less expensive (though somewhat inferior) solution.


                    1. If you have cable and some channels (typically local networks) are in clear (unencrypted) QAM, you could feed the cable directly to the Slingbox through a splitter.  This would allow you to see those channels in HD; you'd watch subscription channels in SD via composite.


                    2. If the tuner in your PRO-HD is compatible with the over-the-air broadcasts in your area, you could receive local channels in HD.


                    3. If one of your sources has an RF output (intended to connect to the antenna input of an old TV) and the standards are compatible, you could connect that to the coaxial input of the Slingbox, tuned to the source's output channel.  This is SD and somewhat lower quality than even a composite input, but it does work.