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    Cannot connect Slingbox to the Network


      Hello All,


      I have just connected a slighbox SOLO I bought a couple of months ago and cannot seem to get it connected to my router.


      The symptoms are:

      The network light blinks constantly

      The slingbox cannot be seen through the network


      I am a bit puzzled by this since I've tried multiple solutions but cannot get the SOLO to connect.


      This is what I have done:

      I have fed a 90 ft long network cable through the house from where the router is located down to where the DVR is connected. I cannot get the Slingbox to connect to the web through this cable. I tested the cable by connecting my computer through this cable to my local network, and it works fine... this tells me the cable is not the issue.


      Then, I tried I tried connecting the SOLO to the router using the cable that came in the box. With this cable I can see the Slingbox and can update the software through the router (which I did). I do not have TV signal where my router is located, so I can only check the net connection using the short cable, but have to go back to the downstairs location to connect the Slingbox to the DVR.


      After updating the software, I tried connecting with the long cable again but still cannot get the Slingbox to detect the network.


      I have done the regular steps suggested in the quick guide that comes in the box. I have unplugged and replugged the network cable. I have held the reset button for 5 seconds, then get the predicted fast-blinking lights (two, then one), then back to the slow-blinking network light only.


      The slingbox is located in Argentina and I will be accessing it from the US mainly. Any help or guidance I can get will be appreciated.



      Andres G