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    Slingcatcher seems to stutter, buffer frequently, and temporarily freeze image since firmware upgrade to Slingbox


      I've had a Slingcatcher working fine for over a year now.   It's not perfect, but works fine for what I wanted.  However, I recently upgraded the firmware on my Slingbox Pro HD since it was required to view my Tivo online (Slingplayer on the Mac is not the way to view anymore) as well as to be able to use the newer version of Slingplayer Mobile for the iPhone.   Ever since that upgrade, the Slingcatcher is not really working anymore.   It basically stutters.   The image freezes all the time for a few seconds although the audio seems to work just fine.  I checked to see if there is an update to the Slingcatcher software, but there isn't.


      Any way to get the Slingcatcher working normally again?