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    Connection error: Can't connect to Slingbox Location Service


      I'd really appreciate any help that anyone may be able to provide.  My Slingbox Classic has been working perfectly for the last 5 years.  The last time I connected to the Slingbox was a week ago, but this weekend I tried connecting to it both remotely and from inside my own home network and am getting a connection error that states "Slingplayer can't connect to the Slingbox Location Service.  Check your network's Internet connection and firewall settings.  If they're okay, then the Slingbox Connection Service might be temporarily unavialiable.  Please try again later."  I'm receiving this error using both my PC and Mac.


      Both the power light and internet connection light on the front of the box are on and steady.  I am also able to connect to the internet through my home network with both my PC and Mac. My firewall settings have not changed and I am using the latest version of Slingplayer for both computers. I double checked my account/Slingox directory to be sure that the Slingbox finder ID is correct.


      Is there anything I can do??  Thanks!

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          I'm having the same darn problem and I have done all of the same things that you did. My sling worked fine for 4 years and it hasn't been working correctly since early December. I am ready to write a very negative review of this product at Amazon.com where I purchased it. I tried tech support, but I refuse to pay $30 for information that may not solve the problem.


          I noticed on their website that they have developed upgraded software for all kinds of media except for the Mac desktop models. That may have something to do with the message we're receiving. I am so frustrated with this product!




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            Hello Ba317 & Artandcarla,


            I recommend to Reset the Slingbox and run the Setup Assistant. We need to get more information about the connections with the Slingbox, is it hardwired to router using a regular Ethernet cable (not too long)? Please give it a try to the Reset and come back with more details if the issue persists.



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                My slingbox works in my ipad 3g, and works with wireless conection as well. In my laptop the same thing, works well with my wireless conection.

                My pc doesnt works. I use a wired concetion to my router (the same that my ipad and my laptop use wireless). My pc find my slingbox but i cant conect.

                I tried reset, hardreset, change the router, plug and unplug all cables, turn off the firewall of my pc, turn off the firewall of my router, put the slingbox for dmz in my router. I dont know what can i do to works at my pc.