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    Dissappointing...  Drops after 15 min.


      I purchased my Sling Solo over a year ago.  I haven't used it in over a year.  My family and i just bought a new house and i finally have the perfect use for it.  I broke it out the day cable was installed in the house, only to be reminded that it doesn't actually work.  I remember now...  it just stopped working at some point and ended up in a box.  Now i could really use one (mostly to watch the celtics and allow my daugter access to her favorite show = Blues Clues).  With a new baby on the way and a new house, purchasing another one is not an option.  I've noticed there have been other posts about the same issue - I'm guessing by what i have read, I have to replace the device.  I'm an IT Professional and i have done all the basic troubleshooting (upgrade firm, remove wireless, remove router, etc...).


      Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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          Pay more money to Slingbox in a 'pay-per-incident' scheme.


          If you get 15 minutes, consider yourself lucky.  If I get a solid 30 seconds of watching before the connection to my Slingbox drops out, I'm doing backflips.  They have to know this is an issue with all of the postings...you'd think they'd fix it or recall the faulty equipment.

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            This link will provide you with all the information about this issue that you are experiencing with the Slingbox SOLO,


            Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network issues



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                The problem with these tips that are provided is that they all amount to the same thing; turn off the slingbox, reset your router and (most frustratingly of all as it's more time consuming to repeatedly enter the same details) reset the slingbox.


                I'm sick of the sight of my Slingbox Solo because everytime after reseting it, I dread to look and see that two solid red lights have been replaced by one bright power light and one very dim network light.


                I've been provided with two replacement PSUs and one replacement SOLO. While it's nice that SlingMedia are prepared to compensate me (even with the £19.99 support fee), I'd rather just have a product that works consistently. I haven't actually been able to watch my Slingbox remotely since last May as I'm constantly resetting it, or just on here trying to find a solution that goes beyond "turning it on and off again".


                I've had my Slingbox for 13 months. It cost me over £100. The iphone app cost me £17.  Not impressed.

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                I have the same issues I have been on hold last nignt for 45 mins amd tonight for 30 mins and i cant get halp