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    audio hum?




      i just set-up my new slingbox hd and everything is working fine except the audio. i don't know all the appropriate jargon, but there is a signal coming in because i get a humming that increases if i turn the volume up and it disappears if i mute the stream on the slingplayer or off "the watch" part of this website. the video comes in clear but there is no audio, just a fuzzy hum.


      my source is a hd cablebox so i have the component cables and my audio running from the OUT jacks of the box to the IN jacks of the slingbox. then the compenent/audio cables running from the OUT jacks in the slingbox to the IN jacks on the TV.


      I could be missing something very simple but have tried all the patience I have for getting it to work, or searching the FAQs to find what I am doing wrong. any help is greatly appreciated.