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    Video Quality problems


      I have no problem watching my Slingbox Pro HD on my computer and my Iphone, but I am experiencing video problem on my new Ipad.


      I have an excellent upload speed at the home location (where the slingbox is located) and I just tested the speed at my end:


      ADSL: c.a. 10 MBPS

      Wireless: c.a. 10 MBPS


      The Ipad shows c.a. 350 Kbps in SQ mode and 3 dots in HQ mode. It keeps buffering (less in SQ mode) which makes it impossible to watch.


      Anyone out there that can help me.



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          I'm having the same problem. I have not found a solution yet. My keeps buffering in HQ mode making it impossible to watch anything in high quality. However in SD mode it does not buffer amd if I hit the aspect button it shows 800+ kbps. In HQ mode it only shows three dots.  I changed to a gigabit router thinking that I was loosing transfer rate between the slingbox and the router. This did not change anything. I also manually set up the router using port fowarding, still no change. Checked firewall setting. Not sure what else to check.


          Slingbox Pro HD Firmware update

          Linksys WRT350N Router

          Apple Ipad App

          Apple Iphone App

          Mediacom Cable


          Speed test 6461kbps Download

                               928 kbps Upload

                                 128ms   Ping




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              Dear Karr,


              Did you find any solutions for the Ipad HQ buffering problem?


              It is strange, as I see a perfect picture on my desktop PC.  There I am downloading the slingbox video at c.a. 2.000 kbps, but on my Ipad I am downloading at 500 kbps in SQ and in HQ I get 3 greed dots, but it keeps rebuffering.


              Let me know if there is anything else that I can try.



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              Ive decided to send my Slingbox pro-hd back to Amazon


              I have a 50 mbps dpwnload 10 mbps upload speed at my house

              and cant get HQ Video on the ipad .It just buffers every couple of seconds.

              Yea i have 3 dots,port forwarding set up .


              Interestly,when they updated the iphone app to resemble the ipad app ,

              it created the identical problem on the iphone app which worked perfectly

              before. Now the iphone app buffers in HQ every couple of seconds,even

              on wifi remote connection .3g too.


              Im done with Sling.I dont have the time to spend with Level 2 tech support


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                  The strangest thing happened today.  I have been having Video problems with my Ipad, despite high bandwith upload and download.

                  Today I istalled a Lynksys wireless explander in my bedroom and to my surprice the ipad was working perfectly, even in HD, on the expander, downloading 3x as fast as on the main wireless router.

                  I simply do not understand how the Ipad can work so much better on a sub-wireless extender compared to the main router?


                  Try installing an extender, or change a router.



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                      has anyone else tried olafg's suggestion with the linksys wireless expander?  I have the same annoying issue as everyone else on this list but would love to get it fixed rather than just sending it back to amazon.  Will probably goto best buy and try it out tomorrow.

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                          has anyone found out any solutions ? i've a same problem.



                          Sling Pro HD is located with Japan's Hikari 100mb FTTH upload

                          and Ipad is streaming using UK's 50mb download Virgin (wifi)


                          On HQ it freezes every couple of seconds, on SQ i can watch it normally but freeze from time to time....



                          software issues ???