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    New Router- Slingbox Pro HD not detected on Network (Mac)


      We just got a new router and have spent a long time re-configuring our slingbox this evening. My wife has a PC and, after resetting the Slingbox and updating the Port Forwarding on the router, was finally able to set up SlingPlayer on her computer and we are able to watch it at slingbox.com. Next, I ran the set-up assistant on the Mac through SlingPlayer and it couldn't locate the slingbox. I added it manually and it shows up in my list now, but there isn't a green light next to it indicating it's active. When I try to move through the steps, it says it can't connect and no slingplayer is found on our network. Some of the support information I found said to edit the Network Settings under Configuration, but that option is greyed out. I turned off my firewall and there was no change. I uninstalled and re-installed SlingPlayer and no change. It was not this difficult to set it up just a few weeks ago with our other router. We now have Qwest - router is Action Tec Q1000. Are there additional steps we need to take on the Mac? Why would it be this different? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!