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    Slingbox Pro HD Not Detected


      I have had this machine for 3 years (one of the original red Pro units) and it has worked flawlessly in two diferent homes with different cable providers, and from my Toshiba laptop as well as my wife's old iBook G4. My iPhone has worked fine with Slingplayer Mobile for a year. Over the past 6-8 weeks, the connection gradually started to fail over and over. Resetting the router or Slingbox used to help. Now, nothing. I dispensed with the Slinglink and now have a direct wired connection to the router, and still nothing. I bought a new router and a new Slingbox Solo, and still nothing. Not on the Toshiba, not on the iPhone, and not on the iBook. It won't connect. I even tried the Slingplayer Troubleshooting suggestion for the Solo (to hook one end of the Ethernet cable directly to the computer, but still nothing. The Slingplayer network and power lights are on and stable, as if it's connected, but nothing. I have spent more hours than I want to admit trying to make this work. I am way beyond disgusted. I called for help from Support, and they wanted $29.95 to "help." But there's nothing they could add that Hasn't already been tried by my scouring the forums and help pages. One person said it was Windows XP with Service Pk 1, but I'm running XP with Service Pak 3, and besides, it doesn't work on the iBook G4 or my iPhone, like it used to. I've turned off all firewalls and nothing.