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    Update or not? I have alot of variables and need advice.

    dtommyd Newbie

      Slingbox solo 2.1.111 fw

      I think I know I need to "stay where I'm at" but, I'd like to bounce this off of someone with more experience.  Here is my situation as far as how I use my SlingBox Solo.

      I have 2 Macs (OS X 10.6.5) with the latest version of SlingPlayer.

      One more Mac with 10.4.11 PowerPC with SlingPlayer.

      3 iPhones - (2G on 3.1.3) on the SlingPlayer 1.3.

      3 Windows pcs with

      1 iPad at 4.2 with both versions of the SlingPlayer (paid for both of course)


      So, I use all at home from time to time, and a combination of them on an "edge" connection (90-150kbs).    I have to use the older iPhone version (edge connection)  on my iPad, and need the control of the SlingPlayer on my Macs and Windows machines.

      I haven't updated because I'm afraid I'd lose the ability to change frame rate, speed +++.  .  I haven't tried the browser version.  On some weekends we go the cabin and I share wifi and need the control to limit myself to 500kbs so I don't suck all the bandwidth on the network.  I can't/won't run SlingPlayer on "auto".

      I love the new iPad version and it looks really good to me.  I thought the Solo was 640x480 so all the fuss about HD doesn't make any sence to me.  If I did upgrade could I downgrade?  Is that possible to run both?  Has SlingBox given up on Macs because the browser is the future, or are they sick of Apple?

      So if you have any advice for me it would be appreciated.


      PS - I don't really watch that much TV, I just need to know I could.

      My fear of course is that I'd lose the ability to use any one of my devices.  For example, my iPad with the iPhone app, usually runs ok on "edge".  Using the same connection, the new iPad app no longer works on edge.  I don't have control of resolution on either app but I know the iPhone app will work. I'd guess that 75% of people can't get 3G speeds or get it while at work or something.  So that's a lot of customers out in the cold because the new app is worthless.  
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          psidnell Newbie

          When I configured mine a couple of weeks back (latest firmware) I tried using the safari plugin, and part of the installation required me to put the browser into 32bit mode. While annoying it might bode well for older pre Snow Leopard macs but I don't know about PowerPC (I just got rid of mine).


          I did have problems with the initial configuration (admin password problems - seemingly a bug) but once the first configuration was done the plugin tools worked fine from a mac.


          I don't remember seeing a way to explicitly manage the bit rate, that seems automatic, but you can select high or low quality options from the iPhone/iPad clients, which presumably has the same effect.


          I've been flipping back and forth between the plugin config tools and the "old" mac desktop tools without issues, largely because thats the only way to install bin files for non standard IR devices at the moment (browser plugin tools are in beta, but PC only at the moment).


          Hope that helps, I'm pretty new to this thing too.