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    SlingCatcher & network error


      I have the following:  "slingcatcher could not connect to this sling box due to a network error".


      System was just set up in the last couple of days.  Everything goes through my router (hardwired), off my router is sling catcher, vonage phone, DVD player and TV.  Everything was working just fine, could view on desk top, lap top or tv.  And then it just quite one day and has this error code.


      I have tried resetting the router, modem and slingcatcher.  Still get the same result.


      I hooked up my modem directly to slingcatcher and still get the same error.


      I can not view tv at all, not even on my desk top or lap top.


      Thanks for any help.

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          It seems a lot of customers have the same problem. Mine is similar, can watch on my computers no problem, but the sling catcher won't work. I found a way to trick it into working for a while but now that has stopped. I would start up my computer and begin watching on it, then I would unplug my catcher, then plug it in and let it reset, it would start up and I would try to watch, and I would get the message" couldn't connect due to network error". I would try again, and then it would tell me that another user was online and would I like to take over the stream? I would check yes, and lo and behold it would start up. I couldn't turn off the catcher or I would have to go throught the whole process again. But now unfortunately it won't start even using that method.

          What I would like to know is if there is a setting on the slingbox back in Canada that is preventing me from taking over the stream. Have I set it up improperly that the slingbox in Canada is always on? Not sure.

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            quaningeneva Newbie

            1) Do you have a Pro-HD?

            2) Are you running firmware 2.1.80?


            If yes, the SlingCatcher will not be able to connect over the Internet.  You will have to downgrade the firmware to 1.4.60.

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                I have the same problem. How do i downgrade to the older firmware? I have this problems with my slingcathcher : when i enable port forwarding on my router speed goes down to a max of 400Kbps on both my pc and slingcatcher. with port fwd disabled on my pc, slingplayer streams with as high as 2000Kbps, but i'm not able to connect with my slingcatcher. everything worked fine until their last update. I saw lot's of posts with lots of solutions. None of them worked so far. Tech suport is not willing to help. How can i make my slingcatcher to work again? Please somebody help.

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                My slingplayer and slingplayer mobile are working fine but I cannot get Slingcatcher to work.  I have the same problem and havent made my slingcatcher work since i got it 3 months ago....all i get is that silly  ".....due to network error"  message.. 


                Did an amazingly simple fix today and i finally can use my Slingcatcher....... (im watching it right now)


                The fix - i did a full power off/on reset of the slingbox at my house.




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                    callanish Apprentice



                    Not going to say this is going to happen, but if you lose the ability to connect to the slingcatcher again after a period of time, and do another reset on the slingbox with the slingcatcher working once again, it could be a port forwarding issue with your router for why you are seeing this network connection issue. Why it works in the beginning with a slingbox reset and why it would fail to connect to a slingcatcher after a period of time is a long story which I won't go into unless you come across this problem again. Been down this road, so I'm just saying this in case you wonder why all of sudden the slingcatcher doesn't connect again at some point when you've done nothing different.