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    New Solo HD - IR Blast Not Working


      I am setting up a new Solo HD - it is replacing my Slingbox Classic.  I am unable to get it to control my XBOX360 (which I am using as a Windows Media Center Extender).


      I have reconnected by Slingbox Classic and confirmed it still works.  I am then swapping out the Classic for the Solo HD (including changing the power supply).  I am able to see video feed from the Solo HD just fine.  However when I issue a command (e.g. Power Off) nothing happens.  Again the setup is identical to the Slingbox Classic - I'm quite certain there is nothing amiss with the XBOX 360 or my positioning of the IR emitter.


      I have conducted the Digital Camera test on the Solo HD.  I can see the IR lighting up however I am surprised (perhaps naively) to see it emit a solid light rather than a blinking light.  So the Solo HD is getting control commands from my Sling Player.  Furthermore the Solo HD is actually emitting some kind of IR signal.  However said signal is having no result on the XBOX 360.


      At this point I believe the Solo HD unit I have is defective - I've taken every troubleshooting step I can think of... and it is still not working...


      Any suggestions and or can someone tell me how I submit my unit as a warranty claim and such?