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    Android SPM, How to clear the buttons in the queued edit box area above keypad?


      There are 11 dynamic buttons containing previously entered channel numbers above the keypad. Those buttons function much like a one button press similar to a macro.


      I found another post where eferz explained the way it works on Android SPM:

      This is how that stupid keypad panel works on the Andriod client.  You type in a bunch of numbers and those numbers are queued at the top edit box.  When you hit enter, then each of those numbers are set in sequential order to Slingbox relayed to your DirecTV box as individual button presses.


      How do I clear the 11 buttons that have numbers saved from previously entered channel numbers? It appears that the first 11 are saved there for future use but being a novice on the Droid X, I don't know how to clear them for reuse. The numbers seem to be set permanently.