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    Update, Problem Now Fixed: Configuring F-Secure firewall for Slingbox access?




      I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with configuring the firewall in the F-Secure Internet Security 2010 package to allow you to detect Slingboxes on your local network? I have a Slingbox PRO-HD on our home network and two computers (a Desktop PC running Windows XP 32-bit, and a laptop running Windows 7 64-bit). Both computers have an identical installation of F-Secure installed on them with all settings identical, and neither computer has Windows firewall activated. Both installations of F-Secure have SlingPlayer set as an allowed application in the Application control settings.The bizarre thing is that the Desktop PC can see the Slingbox on the local network from the Slingbox Directory in SlingPlayer, whereas the laptop can only find the Slingbox with an "Internet Access" status. In other words, the laptop can't see the Slingbox on the local network and to view TV on the laptop, the signal has to be streamed out to the Sling servers and then back to our home!! I can fix this by opening F-Secure and turning off the Firewall component, and then the laptop immediately sees the Slingbox on the local network. The weird thing is that the Desktop PC has the very same F-Secure firewall enabled, but it can still see the local Slingbox no problem!


      I admit that this is truly a bizarre problem that doesn't seem to make any sense when described here, but it is definitely happening. Could it be due to the different operating systems? Can anyone recommend another virus checker/firewall product, similar to F-Secure, that they have successfully used with a Slingbox on a local network with a Windows 7 PC?


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      Update: Problem now fixed. On the laptop, I created a new Firewall rule in F-Secure that allows all IP traffic to/from the IP address of my Slingbox ( The laptop now sees the Slingbox on the local network without a problem. This extra step was not necessary on the Desktop PC, which I'm still confused about, but as long as it works I'm not worried!