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    Unable to change channels


      I have the iPad app and am unable to change the channels.  This seems to happen more often when trying to go to the higher channels.  Is any one else having issues with this?  I am on comcast using the motorola digital box.  Any help is appreciated.

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          Are you able to change all your channels correctly using a computer?

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            I'm having an identical problem -- can't change channels via Comcast.  If you figure out what the Comcast problem is, could you please post the answer?  I'm on the road and would need to send someone to the house to troubleshoot there, and any hints about what to do would be greatly appreciated.


            The SB is a PRO-HD, the channel changing problems occurs on different computers at different sites whether I'm using SlingPlayer or the watch.slingbox.com site.  The channel I'm already tuned to at home comes in perfectly -- so the port forwarding is working.  My guess is a port blocking problem with comcast.

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                I was going to call Comcast but then I decided to "power-cycle" my box. It is a Motorola HD Dual Tuner DVR # DCH3416.


                This is the 1st thing they suggest whenever I call with any problems. It simply means unplugging the device from the wall outlet for a few minutes and then plugging it back in.


                I'm happy to report that this has solved my issue and all is well once again.


                Good Luck !

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                    Thanks for the follow-up.  I went on site and power-cycled the Netgear router on the network, and that fixed the problem.


                    I don't think there was anything wrong with the SlingBox itself.  I've seen problems with Netgear routers that stop playing nice with Comcast modems, and sometimes power-cycling the Netgear solves it, sometime, as in your case, power-cycling the cable modem solves it.  Or both, alas.  In any case, it requires someone doing something onsite, which is a bummer when the whole idea of the SlingBox is that you aren't onsite.  (I had rebooted the Netgear remotely, but that didn't fix it.)


                    My guess for others with a similar problem is to power-cycle devices on site and not, at first, assume that the problem is with the SlingBox or your computer or anything else that can be fixed off site.

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                  I have found that the remote doesn't work at all on ipad, iphone or my imac.

                  This is a new problem with since update ...

                  any ideas?