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    Ipad remote different from iphone

    ChicagoDon Newbie

      so I have a sony DVP 955 setup on my SB pro HD.

      Ipad and iphone are both setup the same but the ipad remote is not the same as the iphone.

      Changing discs is not possible on the ipad but it is on the iphone.

      Only choice at this point is to teach the remote for a couple buttons.


      New issue

      The remote control manager works for this except the remote you teach is not the remote you get.

      Am I missing something in the procedure? Don't get me wrong, the remote control manager is great.

      I don't mind working around it but the remote you teach ( in the browser ) is a different remote ( picture/buttons )

      when you get to use it. Any way to get the remotes to be the same at this point?

      To be more clear, there are more buttons on the learning remote in the browser than there are on the remote you get to use in the browser.

      Maybe I don't understand something about the picture files of the remotes.



      So both of these issues have to do with the differences in remote layouts. (where the buttons are, how many buttons there are, and the names of the buttons)


      thanks for any info