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    Audio works on TV, but not Slingbox


      Hi there,


      Been reading through the posting as to hopefully not posting a repeat question.


      I have a SOLO hooked up to a DVR via component cable for audio and red and white for audio. It has worked audio/video in the past, with firmware 1.3.7 (I believe that's the correct firmware number). Then, the audio was not working on watch.slingbox.com, using the SlingPlayer app both on wi fi and away from home, and in the Setup on Slingbox.com option. I upgraded my firmware to 2.1.3 and still, no dice.


      I've got a home theater set up where my Slingbox is configured with the cable box being run into an amplifier, which sends the signal to separate speakers and the television. The volume for the cable box works just fine, so I know the audio cables are correctly plugged in (I've unplugged and replugged the audio). I've reset the Slingbox with the button and it still won't work.


      Looking for some help! Thanks in advance.