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    Sling Mobile on my BB Torch?


      When will Sling mobile be available for my Blackberry Torch? I used it all the time on my "Bold" but just upgraded phones and was disappointed to see it is not compatible. 

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          Same here.  I replaced my Bold last September with a Touch and eagerly anticipate the 9800 software.

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            I've read elsewhere that the following will work on a Torch even though it's intended for a Bold.  Can't vouch for it though so report back if it does or doesn't work for you.




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              When will we see the SlingPlayer Mobile app for the BlackberryTorch already???  Please don't get it out to me just before the Torch 2 gets released because if I don't have it soon, I'm scraping my Sling hardware and going with different options. I had to wait six months after upgrading from my Bold 9000 to the Bold 9700 for the SlingPlayer Mobile App to become available for the 9700. I've been without the ability to watch programming on my Torch since November and do plan to upgrade to a Torch 2 when it's available.  You've got to get these SlingPlayer Mobile Apps out sooner!  Not everyone who wants to use Sling can move over to an iPhone because many corporate users of smartphones must use a BlackBerry device. However Sling is no longer the only game in town and if you cannot get these Mobile apps out sooner, you'll be losing me and many others as happy customers.  Being able to use our SlingPlayer mobile app on our BlackBerry's just six out of twelve months a year, does not make for happy and loyal customers!  Let's get 'er done already!