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    Older iPad Slingbox Mobile app worked great with "Classic" ; New App has problems


      Is it possible to re-install the previous iTunes/Apple Slingbox Mobile for iPad app. The new app does not properly work with my iPad and my Slingbox Classic.


      In the old version, I could connect to my DVR and watch any recorded movies or TV shows.


      In the new version, the Remote is greyed out with my Scientific America Component setup; If I change to the Composite setup, the remote is visible but I only hear the audio.


      I know that the new software does not support the Slingbox "Classic".


      I am happy to return to the old app. Is this possible?


      BTW, I did upgrade the firmware on the "Classic" by installing the iMac Slingbox .dmg program and installing from this program.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      Feel free to email directly at: tfladen@gmail.com


      I thank you in advance.


      Todd D. Fladen MD