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    Need help setting up slingbox with WRT54GL as wireless adapter


      i'm using a wrt54gl with DD-WRT as the wireless adapter for Slingbox. Both lights are lit up (power and network). But I can't get the slingbox software to detect the slingbox itself.

      I have internet from the wireless router if I plug it into my MBP and turn the wifi off (as a test).

      set it up as static ip of for the Netgear WNR2000 (with gateway of The internet works on anything I plug it into.

      I tried going into the netgear wireless n settings and opening up port 5001 UDP for ip of that i statically assigned to the wrt54gl as the wireless adapter. dhcp is also enabled and it assigns an ip of (or something) when I look in settings. but it works perfectly on my macbook pro.

      so what is going on? help please?