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    SB Solo vs Pro HD Pic Quality on iPad


      I got the Solo up and running on my home network, all is good. I'm on Verizon Fios with 25 up and 50 down, speeds are good. When I run new iPad app in 3G in HQ mode I get buffering, on my WiFi it still buffers but not as often. The picture quality is not that great on the iPad, ok but not as good as I was expecting and as others have wrote.

      So I called SB Tech and the guy said I need to get he Pro HD to get a better picture on the iPad and the HQ mode on the mobile app is ment for the Pro HD model.

      What says anyone else?

      I was going to run by BestBuy and swap out the Solo for the Pro HD and see if that give me a better pic, and if it doesn't return it all.


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          Hi bothfly, make sure that your network at home meets the minimum requirements for the Ipad player so you won't have issues using the HQ option.


          Slingplayer Ipad


          From the Link above you can find the network requirements, I added them here too.


          "Adds High Quality (HQ) streaming. To stream in High Quality (HQ) mode outside  your home, you need at least 800 kbps of bandwidth from your Slingbox to your  iPhone when using a Wi-Fi connection, and at least 500 kbps with a 3G  connection. To see available bandwidth within SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone, tap  the SQ button, then the Options button. The current bandwidth displays in the  lower left corner. You can test your home upload speed by using a web site such  as www.speedtest.net on your home computer; test download speed at your current  location by using the free Speedtest iPhone app. The total bandwidth available  to SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone is limited to whichever is smaller: the upload  speed, or the current download speed. If you don't have enough bandwidth for HQ  mode, you can improve your viewing experience by pressing the SQ button to  stream in Standard Quality."