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    Update, problem solved: No red color channel on TV component picture




      When my cable box (Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD) is connected directly to my TV with a component cable, the picture on the TV is perfect. However, as soon as I pass the component signal through the Slingbox PRO-HD (i.e. connect the component cable to the IN jacks on the Slingbox PRO-HD, and then connect another component cable from the Slingbox OUT jacks to the TV), the red channel of the video signal is not displayed on the TV. The picture is still perfect when watching on Slingplayer or watch.slingbox.com though.


      Has anyone else experienced something similar? I've checked and double-checked the color coding of all the cables, and they are all in the right places.  I've also done a full reset of the Slingbox back to the factory default settings and then run through the setup again, but it didn't help.






      Problem Now Solved: I discovered the problem. It was a faulty component cable! The bad cable didn't show the red channel with other devices such as a DVD player. A new component cable fixed the issue.