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    New Router Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N


      Hey guys.


        My Slingboxpro HD was working fine on my d link dir 624. It was able to get an IP address no problem. But that router fried (the wifi signal doesnt work anymore, but the ports still do). So I got a new router, its a buffalo and has a dd wrt firmware on it.


        I tried resetting the slingbox to factory settings, but when I try to connect, I get a blinking network light. But!, when i connect the old router, (just the ports) the slingbox does get recognized, I know this is a router problem, but Im not sure what settings to change? Any advice would help!


      the one thing i already tried is loading the stock buffalo firmware (which btw doesnt come standard on these routers anymore, they come preloaded with dd wrt)... same thing with that firmware