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    Problem with Verizon Fios


      Hi Everyone,


      I am new to the slingbox world. I just bought and hooked up a Slingbox Pro HD to the Verizon Fios standard definition Motorola QIP2500-3 box. I'm quite positive I have all the wiring correctly hooked up, but when I tried to turn on my tv or view it from my computer there is a message stating "this channel is currently unavailable. Change channel and return to this channel or call 1-866-962-1946 and enter quick code 8801-0005." I tried and tried every channel and still received this message, the name of the program comes up on the guide but it won't allow me to view video. Is this some kind of block that Verizon Fios has setup or is this something I did wrong on my end.


      Any help on this matter would be appreciated.