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    No cable in kitchen


      I have cable in my rec room & bedroom, but cannot run it in my kitchen with damaging the floor or ceiling. Can I use slingbox to communicate with this non-cable TV from one of the other cable TV's?

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          Yes, but if you can't find a SlingCatcher somewhere, you will need a computer in the kitchen to receive the signal from the Slingbox.  You would then plug your computer into the tv in the kitchen.  It would probably make more sense to run cable through the attic and down inside the wall.

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            You might also get a sling link pair which lets any outlet on the same circuit be an internet connection.  I have an old sling link bridge that I have connected to my wireless airport then to one sling link the other sling link is connected to my Sling Solo and to an electrical outlet.  I have two circuit breakers though and had to ensure that they were both on the same circuit. This should allow the computer to be connected via internet. There is a SlingTurbo that seems to be the same pretty much.


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