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    Slingplayer Desktop Player for Mac


      I have been using my Slingbox for years with no problem with the Slingplayer Desktop application for PCs.  I got my first Mac for Christmas and when I connect using the desktop player, there is no sound and the video seems to be moving at 1.5x.  I am in IT, so I know networking, but I can't seem to figure out why the desktop player does not work.  If I log onto the website through safari, it works.  I would really like to use the standalone app.  Any ideas?

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          Hi The_Bizmark,


          Have you tried the direct connection to check if the issue persists? Take a look at this link,


          Slingbox connection


          That link is for Windows but you can modify the settings doing this; Go to Window > Slingbox Directory > Add and select direct connection, you will need the WAN IP address and the port number.


          Regards and let us know if that works