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    Slingplayer Plugin - No Remote


      I have, what I hope is a simple problem to resolve.


      I activated the SlingPlayer plugin in order to access HD viewing for my SB Pro HD.  Prior to that I was using the SP Plugin for a SB Pro which xhibitated the same fault as my SB PRo HD still exhibits.


      Everything in the SP Player plugin (Under Safari 5.0.3) except the Remote Control does not show up.


      The Remote control Button is NOT greyed out, it does switch to white as I mouse over the button, however clicking on the button yeilds no remote controller.


      I am using a DISH Network VIP622, which appears to be a commonly supported device, and the remote works fine using the MAC OSX Slingplayer.  I have experiemented with a number of other Dish devices, and all to the same affect.  NO REMOTE.


      I have researched a number of Sling Posts on fault finding remote control support. eg.  Safari in 32-bit more, no pop up blocker, deleted cookies etc etc.


      Is there something Im missing here?  Both Macs are at OSX 10.6.5


      During Setup, I see the plugin downloading the appropriate Remote control binary.


      I get a sense this this is something really dumb (a browser setting or the like), and Im almost embarrassed to have to come to the forum to the the question.


      All other aspects of the plugin work fine, such as the online program guide and putting the player into "pop-up" and full screen modes.


      As mentioned the SlingPlayer thick client works fine as does playback and control in Iphone and Ipad devices.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          What I know about the Mac can be written on a postage stamp, but I may be able to narrow it down for you.  The actual remote is stored in the Slingbox during the setup and then accessed by a viewer.  So if it works on your standalone Slingplayer then the problem MUST lie with the WebSlingPlayer.  What is supposed to happen is that when the WebPlayer opens it checks what remote 'skin' is needed and if it isn't stored on the Mac it should download a fresh copy.  That does not appear to be happening.  Although I would give it a few minutes in case it is having trouble accessing the Sling servers


          Now if you had a PC it would be easy, as I know where the Slingplayer Remote skin (it's an SPR file) is stored so you could copy the Slingplayer SPR file to the WebSlingPlayer folder.  But as you have a Mac.......    Sorry.

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            As a further development, I deleted the plugin and allowed safari to downlaod a fresh version - no luck


            I then updated to the newest version of Firefox, and let it use its plugiin - the Remote control now comes up in firefox but NOT in Safari.


            Are these two different plugins?


            Is it possible that the Safari Plugin is faulty?


            ...and the Firefox one isnt?


            If the Safari Plugin is Faulty (on both of my Macs) am I the only one seeing this?  ( I find this hard to believe)



            During the setup process, as the SAfari plugin guides me through the setup, it manages to download the remote control binary, but doesnt present it for testing during the test phase of the set-up process.


            This is getting weird

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                alanrichey42 Master
                I then updated to the newest version of Firefox, and let it use its plugiin - the Remote control now comes up in firefox but NOT in Safari.


                Are these two different plugins?

                It goes back to my previous comment.   Forget the Plug-ins, they simply enables the WebSlingPlayer to run.  As I said before, it is all down to the SPR file.


                I think you will find that on the Mac the Standalone Slingplayer SPR file is stored in :




                (Note that The Contents dirs won't show up unless you do a "Right-Click -> Show Package Contents" when navigating into an app's "Contents" directory.)


                Now, in my WIN VISTA PC it is held in C:\ProgramData\Sling Media\Slingplayer\2.0\Remotes\

                and then I have a second copy, used by the Firefox WebSlingPlayer, which is stored in C:\Users\..<User>..\AppData\Roaming\Sling Media\WebSlingPlayer\Remote


                It looks like you have successfully downloaded the SPR file used by the Firefox WebSlingPlayer to your Mac (no idea where it's held) but failed to download the SPR file that is used by the Safari WebSlingPlayer.

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                    This was a very useful clue.


                    I was indeed able to locate the SPR file locations of the SlingPlayer  app.


                    I then set about locating and determining if the Firefox and Safari use a different player plugin.


                    Safaris plugin locations are easitly identified and live in the ~\user\library\Internet Plug-ins\ directory


                    After some shenanigans I was able to conving Firefox to tell me where the plugin it uses was located.


                    (In Firefox go "about:config" and toggle the preference "plugin.expose_full_path" value to "true", then go about:plugins look up the slingplayer plugin)


                    This yeilded that both safari AND Fire fox use the same plugin.  In browsing the contents of the plugin, it yeilded that the remote.spr files are not in the contents of plugin bundied file. (ie did a show contents on the plugin file)


                    I eventually found the SPR files


                    ~\user\library\Application Support\SlingMedia\Remotes\



                    Ipso presto , therein lies




                    I continued my experiment, I deleted this files and started Slingplayer plugin in Firefox. 

                    These files were restored during the startup of sling player


                    I deleted the files again, shut down firefox and started Safari, then started the plugin within safari.

                    Theses files were restored again during the startup of Sling Player.


                    This tells me that the DishNet.spr works in Firefox and Not in Safari.


                    I modified my setup to determine if this was based on the SPR file and changed devices to Direct TV and to a motorola device.


                    In both cases during the setup phase, Firefox was able to render the remote, and both SPR files were downloaded to the above location.

                    In both cases the Safari was unable to render the remotes


                    This tells me that there is is either


                    1: An issue when using the Slingplayer Plugin under Safari (ie a Bug)




                    2: There is a preference setting (aka registry entry) in Safari that prevents the Remote control from Rendering.


                    Interestingly I did observe that in Safari, while in full screen mode, if you move the mouse to the left side of the  viewing pane, the viewing area rescales to make space on the left for the remote, and then returns to flll screen when you move the mouse away from the remote control area. The remote is simply not rendered in SAFARI

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                        alanrichey42 Master

                        Fascinating stuff.   Thanks for finding the SPR File location for the Web Browsers, I will add that to my article on building your own remote 'skin'.

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                            BrandonC Novice

                            alanrichey42 wrote:


                            Fascinating stuff.   Thanks for finding the SPR File location for the Web Browsers, I will add that to my article on building your own remote 'skin'.

                            Have you started on the addition to your article?  I am thinking that a good article about using the web browser and a custom remote skin would be very helpful. Maybe we can collaborate on it.

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                                AlRichey Novice

                                Actually 'Article' was probably the wrong word to use.  I was talking about the Custom Remote 'package'.  I've released V1.0a here, and I'll update the versions at the other forums as well.   All it does is add the SPR location for the Mac WebSlingPlayer.


                                What sort of product were you thinking of ?