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    Slingbox Pro-HD - Cannot Detect


      Just got a brand new Slingbox Pro-HD for Christmas.  Hooked everything up - all hard wired.  The Slingbox is plugged directly into the router in one of four ports.  It's a linksys WRT54GL wireless router.  In another port on the router is my blu-ray player to access netflix.  Wirelessly, I use two different laptops and a wireless network printer.  Don't think it matters but the wireless network is WEP encrypted - 64 bit hexadecimal.  No problems connecting to the internet from any laptop or the blu ray player.  No problems priniting to the printer from either laptop.


      Both lights are solid red(power + network) on the Slingbox.  Use firefox as my browser.  Going through the slingbox setup online..I downloaded and installed the plug-in for the browser - no problems.  Began running the setup when the problem started.  It did not detect the slingbox on my network.  Thought there might be an issue with my laptop detecting it being wirelessly connected to the network.  So, I unplugged the cable from my blu-ray plugged it directly into my laptop (went into network connections disabled wi-fi...enable LAN connection).  It got an IP address from the router.  Opened a new tab on my browser to make sure connected to the internet - no problems.  Ran the utlity again to try and detect the slingbox. Again, it failed to detect it.  Already disabled windows firewall and anti-virus software also made sure there wasn't any other firewall activated by the anti-virus or any other software.  Ran the utility again but still did not detect the sling box.  Next, I opened the router settings (  I disabled a firewall in the router but again it did not detect the slingbox.  Nothing really "jumped out" at me in the router settings which might prevent it from working.  Read through some of these forum posts and did a "powered-on" hard reset by holding down the reset button for an extended period but again it did not detect it.  I power cycled the slingbox, router, cable modem several times and in various order but again did not detect.  Researching through google the only thing I read that might be it were the UPnP not being enabled and the "block anonymous request" not being disabled.  Gonna try these two next but anyone have any other ideas?      

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          Never heard anything back from this post but finally got it to work so thought I'd post the fix.  Researching this site and google found an article about issues connecting when running Windows XP Home - Service Pack 1.  Basically it said firewall settings would prevent the slingbox from being detected.  I had all my firewalls turned off but still would not detect the slingbox.  So, I went in to the network connection advanced tabs to "allow" or "enable" all the different communications/traffic for the network connection.


          Even after this change, the installation utility would still not recognize the slingbox.  I then tried using my netbook also connected on this network which runs Vista and eureka!!  It worked no problem.  I'm going to update my windows xp to service pack 2 to see if it'll work on my other laptop.  But if you're having problems and running XP the problem might lie somewhere deep within the OS and need to upgrade the OS.  Hope this helps.