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    Android Audio Sync Issue



      I've read the forums and I've seen some people have some issues, so i'm just adding to it.

      I have the ProHD model and watch it without issues on the PC.  The audio is in perfect sync over the PC.

      Its just with the Android app that the audio is delayed.  Its not overly terrible, its just out of sync.  It does not start off in sync, it starts out of sync and contrary to other users does not seem to get worse.


      I have a DroidX and this is the case via 3g as well as wifi.


      I'm hoping that instead of finding a real fix...that instead you might be able to offer a video delay feature to match up with the audio?  I don't know if this is possible with your current coding, but I do know the folks at coreplayer managed to nail it on their WM5 devices many years ago.


      The other reason this would be useful is because I like to watch TV in the car...now before people get on me on the negative aspects of watching TV in the car...I do so only in traffic and drive in 3 hours of traffic around the DC area daily.  Sometimes its nice to glance at the TV on the way into work.


      So with the car, I have A2DP running and now the AV sync is out like more than 2 seconds.  Now I only really listen to CNN, but if i glance down it really gets confusing sometimes.


      Any chances we can have a video delay feauture in an upcoming app update?