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    stuck at optimizing after streaming for a while


      I have a slingbox classic in taiwan that i can view without problem at california office(verizon internet service), but while at home with timewarner internet service, the video will stream for aabout 1 to 2 min and then stuck at optimizing and still connected to the slingbox, sometimes the video will start streaming again after another 5 mins and then stuck again and then streaming again randomly. I thot it was the isp that blocks the service but when I tried to connect to my friend's slingbox(at home) in california, it was streaming totally fine.


      Is it timewarner that blocks my video streaming? I used to bee able to watch the two slingboxes without problem at all for the previous two yrs.

      can anyone tell me how to trouble shoot?

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          Went to another friend's place with timewarner(roadrunner service) interent service to test my slingbox connection and it did the same thing again, the video will stream for about a min or two and then stuck, after like 10min later, it started stream again and then stopped again. Any idea?

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              same thing is happening to me

              my classic box is in Bogota, Colombia

              I watch slingbox from Hamilton, Canada

              I'm using win7 in canada


              I did noticed that after leaving it "optimizing" for 5-15 minutes, sling box connections in resource monitor starts to "work on it's own" until eventually It starts streaming again, the next time the stream comes on it seems to hold a bit longer than 1 or 2 minutes (which was how long lasts as soon as I start the slingplayer in the beginning), the connections seem a bit different once they normalized in resource monitor. it's like the slingplayer is trying to figure out a way to work around any possible network issues.. but that's my guess because I really didn't do much in the options area. I did also noticed that the ip address where I was connecting at the beginning changed after the stream came back on on its own, I spent a few hours looking at this behaviour and I'm pretty much convinced that is a network issue rather than slingbox problem


              one thing I did do though was to disable the buffer since I'm running out of space in my computer.


              the problem still persists for me though


              I'm going to try connect to the sling box directly with an ip address.

              will post if I find any change.

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              Go into your router and look for settings like QOS or WMM Streaming.

              Read the manual for your specific router and adjust accordngly.