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    Upgrading to Slingbox PRO HD


      I have had an original slingbox for many years, but have never been happy with the quality of the picture.  Does upgrading to the Slingbox PRO HD increase the picture quality of my normal (non HD) channels?


      Thank you for your help

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          I just upgraded from the original to the PRO-HD.  It's like night and day.  The quality on my home LAN is the same as an HDTV.  Very similar over 3G on my iphone, but obviously depends on network traffic.  All in all quite amazing!  Go for it.

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              GaryMO Newbie

              I am upgrading from the Classic to the PRO HD and wondering the same as far as Standard Def broadcasts over WAN.  Will I see an improvement in video clarity with the same upstream/downstream speeds?  I picked up a refurb unit from Sling Media for $149, but it is on backorder so I have not received as yet.

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                I have a similar question. What if I want to watch television on my big screen, not my PC what unit do I need to purchase? I would like a HD signal that  coincides with the HDTV. I am in another country and need some TV.