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    722K/Sling adapter + Slingbox PRO HD


      I currently have a 722K hooked up with a sling adapter purchased from Dish Network. I use the sling on my PC, laptop, and iPod Touch 4G as TV2. I want to purchase the Slingbox Pro HD to use as TV1 on the same devices. I plan to use the TV2 with Dish Remote Access applications and use the Sling Pro HD through to the Sling Website. I will use the component cables to hook up the 722K to the Slingbox PRO HD. Are there any problems that I can potentially run into? I also have the Logitech Revue and OTA module hooked up to 722K. I had a device that made my 722K wireless the one that hooks up to the USB port however, I had to remove it since I was not able to pair my Logitech Revue with it. Since you can't have a double wireless connection. Well if someone has information regarding if this is possible or if someone has done this I would really appreciate your feedback. There reason for purchasing the device is so that my mother who lives elsewhere can use the TV2 sling adapter at home while I can use the Slingbox Pro and my devices away from home with no conflict.