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    No audio with SlingProjector


      Tried using my SlingProjecter software the other night to view a movie from my PC. It gave an error regarding not being able to provide audio anymore and to try reinstalling the SlingCatcher/SlingProjector software.


      I tried that but was unsuccessful. InstallShield Wizard will not let me select MODIFY,  and fails with REPAIR or REMOVE options, giving an error message saying it will only work for INSTALL PRODUCTS.


      I also tried uninstalling from Control Panel but receive an error stating the program failed.


      Anyone have any ideas?



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          Hi, a089300


          We recommend you to uninstall this application. If you are not able to, open the Task Manager and verify if is there any related application running on the background and close it up. Then, restart your computer and reinstall the application. The following link will allow you to get all the troubleshooting information about the SlingProjector.