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    On-screen remote trouble


      I have tried the recommendations in the "read this first..." thread:



      When I set up the slingbox solo for the remote control for the verizon fios box (motorola qip6200-1) on the slingbox website and then click the "watch" tab, the correct remote appears. When I access the slingplayer application, This generic looking remote appears:


      remote.pngNearly all of the buttons, including the arrow keys and numbers, are inactive. This remote is the correct one, but only appears when I watch through the website:


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          alanrichey42 Master

          That isn't the generic remote (it has Motorola written on it), it is just another Motorola model.  On the Slingplayer menu select Connect > Remote Keys and see if any other Remotes are listed.

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              The point of my post wasn't about whether the remote was "generic looking" or not, but why it shows up on the slingplayer. I dont see any slingplayer menu, or connect>remote keys.


              The player I have shows this on the top ribbon:





                   slingplayer options



                   show remote control

                   window mode>

                   video size>

                   show statistics



                   Slingbox directory

                   remote control>

                        motorola remote

                        DVR/VCR remote (basic)

                   control mode

                   video input>





              When I click slingbox>remote control>DVR/VCR remote (basic) the remote is similar the to the white one but with DVR/VCR functionality. It looks like this:




              My previous post had an error, I said the numbers didn't work, I meant the power button and the arrow keys on the on-screen remote didn't work, and it is the same problem with this DVR/VCR remote on the slingplayer.

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  The point of my post wasn't about whether the remote was "generic looking" or not, but why it shows up on the slingplayer. I dont see any slingplayer menu, or connect>remote keys.


                       remote control>

                            motorola remote

                            DVR/VCR remote (basic)

                  OK, I guess you are using a MAC or an old version of Slingplayer.  I was talking about Slingplayer 2.0 for Windows.  But you still have the menu option I was talking about, as you have shown, and you have 2 possible options. the Motorola one (I guess that is the white one) and the Sling generic remote, which is the one you posted a picture of.


                  I probably need to explain what goes on here.    When you run the 'Video Sources setup' routine and specify the manufacturer/model of your device the the Slingplayer first installs the correct codes down into your Slingbox so they are available for any viewer.  It then looks to the Sling database to see if that box has had a realistic remote designed for it (AFAIK Sling have done just over 100 of these).   If there is a realistic skin then it is downloaded to your PC/MAC and stored.  If there is no realistic remote available it loads the 'basic' generic remote.


                  Now, if you try and view from a different PC/MAC or from the WebSlingPlayer it uploads the Remote Codes and then checks to see if the 'skin' for the selected device is available.  If not it downloads it to the new computer. or into another, different, area of your PC/MAC.   That is why it might a few seconds for the Remote to appear on first use.


                  Now in your specific case it seems that different Motorola skins have been downloaded to the SlingPlayer area and to the WebSlingPlayer area (I know where they are on a PC, haven't got a clue for the Mac I'm afraid).  The only way I can see this happening is if you setup the Slingbox using the standalone Slingplayer and specified one Motorola box but at a later time ran the setup on the Web-based player and selected a different box.   The actual codes in the Slingbox will be whichever setup you ran second.


                  Either way, first thing I would do is re-run the video setups and make sure you have the right (and same) device selected in both players.   That should fix the 'skin' problem.  Then we can look at the button problem.